Monday, November 16, 2009

Stocking chart and guide

Hi - thanks to all who've commented on the stocking. I'm still quietly quite chuffed myself...

I've put up a couple of files for the chart and a bit of a guide to it. To make the stocking you also need a copy of Folk Socks because the braid, heel and toe pattern are lifted from there. Both are PDF files.

The chart file is here; and the guide is here. Let me know if there are problems - I had horrendous trouble uploading them and am still not confident they're viewable by anyone else.

And as a result of this experience I'm looking for someone else to handle my mail and possibly my domain names - anyone got good ISP recommendations please?


Lyndsey-Jane said...

PDF's are downloadable and viewable and I have them saved on my laptop. I have Folk Socks so think I will give the stocking a go. My boyfriend is such a kid he's going to love it.

Wibbo said...

Yeah, both pdf's work!