Sunday, November 30, 2008

301, and the weekend

I missed my 300th post somehow (which was the last one); so, there it went...

It's been a busy weekend for seeing friends, cooking things, tidying around etc. I originally thought I'd have to do a big trip to Tesco, but then decided I'd have a weekend where I'd cook things I could find in my freezer or in the village. So last night I made a bumper batch of cheese straws for last night and today, and cooked chicken with pesto wrapped in bacon followed by chocolate mousse; and all day yesterday I was slow-cooking a very nice big beef brisket from the village butcher with carrots and onions for today. My Yorkshire puds were a bit of a disaster - Yorkshire pancakes was a better description - but the potatoes and cabbage were fine, and the apple crumble for afters was good... And it was great to see everyone. Craft projects were done around the table - L is going to be a princess and finished her headband and made her necklace:

and F was working on what I think was an called ammagryph, but I may have got that completely wrong. Part badger, part otter with the ability both to swim and to fly, anyway. Entirely made by F and really inventive, anyway.

This NaBloPoMo thing has been good - I've enjoyed posting every day. No sure how long I'll be able to keep this up, but posting more regularly is fun, so you might be hearing from me quite regularly in December, too.

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SusieH said...

Kudos to you on finishing NaBloPoMo. Looks like you had a lovely busy day yesterday :)