Sunday, November 16, 2008

Odds and ends

A few bits and pieces...

  • Compartment of Strange Knitting Comments

On the way to KTog on the bus yesterday, I was, as ever, knitting away. A bunch of Yoof got onto the bus in the next village, and one said "ooh, you look like something from the Olden Days" as he walked up the stairs...

Now, is it just me, or is there something quite weird about being called anachronistic by a Goth?

  • Compartment of Seasonal Insanity

These are quite literally some loose ends. The heap of bits and bobs after running in ends on a stealth project - I should be able to blog this before too long...

I cast off one Christmas project and started another at I Knit at Franklin's event on Thursday night, and finished two more today. Unfortunately I then started looking at Ravelry, and added another couple, and had a request for another one yesterday, so I don't think the stats are doing any better although my morale is slightly higher!

To that end, I've joined Julie's

-along - am hoping to get the button onto the sidebar without tearing my hair out...

I'll update stats on Sundays, I think.

  • Projects on list: 21
  • Projects started: 9
  • Projects finished: 7
  • Projects to finish: 14
  • Weeks to Christmas: 5.5

Projects are visible over on Ravelry...

  • Compartment of the Library

I've just finished reading Terry Pratchett's quite astonishing Nation. It's a stunning autumn season for YA fantasy readers and writers, with this and Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book coming out in the same few months. Nation feels quite a lot darker than the Discworld books although with flashes of humour, of course, and although the original premise of a nation having to be rebuilt after a the coming of a great tsunami is pretty contemporary, the themes are timeless...

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Rosie said...

Love the colourful pile of ends. If I still had my plasticraft kit (last used circa 1970) I'd probably be making lots of brooches filled with yarn ends...but I don't think I cold tolerate the fumes like I used to.

Am most impressed by your Xmas knits tally.