Monday, November 05, 2012

Yes, I do still knit...

... but I'm aware there hasn't been much evidence of it on this blog recently!

Some of this was because of super-secret baby presents and things for children


This is Kellynch by Ann Kingstone, and has gone to BabyBoyAbroad, born to Sarah and Huw about six weeks ago.  It was a nice knit in British superwash wool, and one I'd do again.  I had a bit of an issue with making a definite line between the centre and the edging (which is picked up all round) but in the end worked a purl row to get the same effect as in the pattern.

It comes out more or less square.


A little earlier in the summer there was another baby blanket - I knitted two of these Sprout blankets this year as it's another great pattern if you don't know which flavour the baby's going to be...  In the end, this was for Aurora, born to Michelle and Andy.


I used Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran, which was lovely to work with.  Usually a little out of my price range in this quantity, but thankfully the green I was looking for was on sale.

Another pattern I've made twice this year is this little waistcoat - the Play Time Child's Vest by Anne Russell.    It's knitted in one piece up to the armholes, three needle bind-off at the shoulders and the border knitted on afterwards.  The blue/grey one here was for small cousin Oliver, in Bergère de France Jaspée:


This green/grey one is for my nephew Alex.  I'm hoping I'll find my pack of sew-in labels before I have to post it off - no idea where I've put them!  In both cases, I was really happy with the buttons...


Next up - socks!

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littlelixie said...

Love the sprout design. Am knitting for two impending babies at the mo so will bookmark all these. Thanks!