Friday, November 30, 2012

Rounding off

Hi!  I have many people wandering over here from Franklin's blog; the post you're probably looking for is this one or maybe even this one!  But do stay and say hi!

Freezing cold day today, definitely the chilliest one of the winter.  Happily, wasn't slipsliding to the station in the pitch dark as usual on a Friday because it was the last pay day before Christmas and therefore the day to ramp up the Christmas preparations.

Pretty successful day, actually.  You know the sort of day where when you need a loo you can never find one, and you're always at the wrong end of an escalator?  Well, this wasn't one of those.  I'm still waiting for something mail-ordered to arrive but otherwise overseas parcels are just about dealt with, and managed to find some other stuff too...

The only glitch was the usually really excellent 25/25A buses to and from the station which generally run every 7 minutes; waited half an hour, missed a train, did a bit more shopping and walked down instead. Thanks, First Group.  A week of small delays and cancellations on the trains, and now buses, too...

Here's a picture.  I have others and will post them because it was a beautiful day, if cold.  This is St Peter Mancroft (R), the new BBC building in the Forum (L), and an urban tree.  I'm continually amazed that trees like this beautiful silver birch can grow like this, but also profoundly grateful they can.

There's a new yarn shop in central Norwich - more on that this weekend.

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