Thursday, November 22, 2012

A bit warped

The last couple of weeks, I've come home, made some dinner, slumped in front of Ravelry or iPlayer, or listened to an audiobook, and not done very much; and then maybe thought of something interesting for this blog (you decide) and gone to bed early but still woken up feeling completely knackered.  Which has been winding me up, increasingly.  It's bad enough there's no light; but, you know, we have electricity and everything these days...

However, speaking of mod cons, I've had an absolutely hideous day with IT - no e-mail for the first chunk of the day, denied access to folders I really needed to save things into, well-intentioned (nice and competent) person from IT spending 45 mins on the absolute worst day for this trying to "optimise" my PC, and then another well-intentioned person from records management following up on a months-old problem; all on the same day.  Absolutely nothing achieved, or at least nothing which gave me any degree of satisfaction.

Tonight I came home and had a craving for simpler tools.  Step forward, loom-bits.


After a little bit over an hour warping up on the biggest heddle with DK-ish non-superwash yarns, supplemented with some from my regrettably extensive novelty-yarn stash, I had this.


Random, but intentionally random; freeing my mind because the technology is so simple, rather than doing whatever-the-hell-it-is-I-can-get-on with-around-all-the-broken-stuff.

Plain weave, because then the colours can get on with their own magic.

And pretty, I think.


I think I know what this is going to be - but the wool will ultimately decide as I'm going to attempt to felt this very gently once it's done, and that might give me all sorts of results.

Also today and possibly on the same theme: an interesting article from Rory Cellan-Jones on living for 24 hours without the Web.  While honourable in intent, I can't help thinking this would have been ever so much more interesting on a non-working day - the guy is, after all, the BBC's chief technology correspondent, and of course his job is impossible without connection to electronic media; the idea of a "detox" is just a gimmick.  A quiet Sunday, now, might have been fascinating.

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So pretty!