Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I went to Kniterati tonight - the book group at I Knit London.  For reasons I don't understand, because I wasn't in at the beginning, there was a leakage of members, and for most of the time I've been a member, there have only been three of us.  This evening, we were joined for a bit by Ellie who works in the shop on Tuesday evenings...

We talked (mostly) about East Lynne by Mrs Henry Wood/Ellen Wood.  (Mrs Henry seems to have reclaimed her first name in some editions).  The cover picture just about says it all.  It's a fine piece of melodrama.  Many bits don't add up.  Many bits are just completely implausible.  But we still all just-about-finished...  Verdict was sort of EastLynneEnders...

East Lynne

The Oxford edition seems to be the currently fashionable one.  In which case, do - I beseech you - put some sort of covering over the blurb on the back; the "starting" event mentioned there happens approximately half-way through the book and has very little foreshadowing.

Anyone in the London area who'd like to join us on the first Tuesday of the month?

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Anne Artymiuk said...

ah yes,'dead, dead and never called me mother'. I think the main problem is that modern readers will have rather more sympathy with Isobel and rather less with Barbara. Autre temps, autre moeurs.