Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dear US voters...

Thank you.  

(You really scared us there for a bit, but thank you.)

Signed, the rest of the world.


Rosie said...

Well said!

Carolynne said...

As a Canadian, I got so annoyed with the US Election taking over the media for a year. However, I am glad they chose Obama. Romney was definitely a step back.

stash haus said...

I was scared I would be reduced to seriously considering moving north across the border or overseas. (I seriously looked into options after the 2004 "election".) My husband has been convinced since early this year that Obama was going to win. I didn't have the same confidence. It's such a relief to have my fears proved unfounded.

And Carolynne, commentators are already talking about 2016! Gag! If only we had similar rules to the UK about how long one can campaign, etc.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome!