Monday, December 22, 2008

Surely not...

I am waiting, with some trepidation, for the other shoe to drop. It's all going entirely too well.

Stats first:

  • Projects on list: 19 (-1; arbitrary extra Turtle removed - self-imposed deadline...)
  • Projects actually needed before Christmas: 18
  • Projects started: 18
  • Projects finished: 18
  • Projects to finish before New Year: 1
  • Weeks to Christmas: 0.5

The three most recent finishes: Lorna's hat, finished 20 December (!!!) - one of Kim's Hats, from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts

Fiona's hat, finished 19th December; Fake Isle by Amy A. King.

Barb's Blowsey Ruffles scarf by Janine Le Cras, finished 19 December

Note shawl-pin. I said I was going to have to make one - I was intending to use Fimo - because I'd managed to lose the circular shell-piece from this Pryn pin, despite only taking it out of the bag a day or so before... It turned up at the bottom of a knitting bag (one of the many) just before I was reduced to Blue-Peter-esque mixing-Fimo-with-embossing-powder-and-hoping-it-didn't-turn-the-oven-toxic antics. This is the Dream in Color yarn I won at the Brighton Knitting Safari, so thanks, whoever donated it! It's really lovely to knit with.

So; I've finished the pre-Christmas knitting, it's wrapped, I'm packed, and while the house doesn't look particularly glam, it's decorated, and it's 1000% cleaner and tidier than this time last year. I know a lot of this is having had Friday and today off, rather than just the weekend like last year, but I'm waiting to find some Huge problem now. Like having forgotten to buy presents for some significant member of my family... There must be something.

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Mary deB said...

Amazing! I hope it's not too good to be true! I am still trying to finish my one Xmas gift -- it's hard to find child-free time now school is out. I'll be up finishing by candlelight with the elves on Christmas eve...