Sunday, December 10, 2006

Going Quiet

100th post!

I dragged out my Christmas lists this morning and had a good hard look. Not much shopping to do, but the 'handmades' list gives pause for thought. The statistics:

  • items on the list: 15

of these:

  • items cast on: 10
  • items cast off: 7
  • items finished (blocked, washed, labelled etc.): 5
  • items wrapped and sent: 3

These do not include Caroline's daughter's scarf, the remaining 1.3m of Mountmellick edging for next Wednesday's class, or the Christmas ornament I need to devise, make and write up for same class... and two of the as-yet-not-cast-on items need to be posted.

It might be quiet from this corner for a while...

On the positive side, only one of the unfinished items is a sweater (see below). On the negative side, one is a beaded lace scarf in Kidsilk Spray (the Yarn from Hell); it'll be lovely when it's finished!

The Socks of Doom are in the washing machine at the moment (really didn't do that good a job on washing out the dye so had blue hands throughout the process) along with Daughter of Sherwood.

In the meantime though - who'd have thought Beehive Chunky would dye so nicely. The paler ball started off pale grey, and the darker one a bright salmony cerise. The other yarn in the bag (present from a friend of my mam's) was black. Ah; the 1980s... I bet it would have made a spectacular batwing...


Mary deB said...

Good luck -- you still have, um, a couple of weeks... Eek!

E-J said...

Zoinks - and I was hoping to visit you at some point! Ah well, maybe in 2007, eh? I have so many knitting/crochet projects of my own to finish - less ambitious and less important than yours, but given that I have about 2 free hours every evening in which to work on them and always seem to end up glugging wine instead, I'm not sure I will ever get around to finishing anything ...

Will I see you before christmas? If not, I've got something to send you.