Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Frost flowers

First real frost of the winter this morning - it's still here at nearly noon - so once I got back from the Maiden Aunts' annual vaccination trip, photographed my latest acquisition, this beautiful scarf from E-J - isn't it fabulous? She also presented me with a Lantern Moon needlecase, which is perfect for the Petra's beaded needles!
I think I'm going to put a hook on it, and hang it on the wall to admire, like the liddle mop in Cold Comfort Farm... I gave her this merino. Reluctantly; I really liked this batch...
A bit more Christmas knitting - a hat for a friend, which started off as a Coronet and ended up as a Halfdome

and wristwarmers from my aunt - pattern a little bit adapted from the pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but not much... in James Brett Marble.

I'm getting there with the rest of it!

On the list: 14 (previously-knitted item sent instead when the postal deadline loomed...)
Cast on: 13
Cast off: 12
Finished: 11 (and one blocking at the moment)
Wrapped/sent: 11

And knitting in prospect at the Mitre tonight... Better round up the last of the presents and cards and send them off...

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