Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas 2

Still on the ' 'tis better to give than to receive' tack, I went over to dinner with friends this evening, and their daughters very kindly stayed up long enough to model their Christmas sweaters... so here's Fiona in hers

(request: Aran-ish, and long enough in the body and sleeves as she's tall for her age; I had measurements of a favourite sweater. This was known as Daughter of Sherwood in the making, and it's got a Celtic Braid, as used in one of the Elsebeth Lavold sweaters, Ragna, surrounded by cables up the front and back, and small cables up the sleeves. I carried the cables into the neckline; and knitted the body in the round so the Mexican Wave stripes wouldn't mismatch on the side seams)...
... and Lorna in hers (no particular request but I had measurements and colour ideas; this was a quick last-minute knit with some gift yarn I over-dyed; I attached the sleeves and neckband with the waste-yarn stitch-by-stitch method as it was chunky yarn, and did a 3-needle bind-off on the shoulders which was admired).

Here's Lorna again - the women in the household seem to have purloined Chris's Christmas hat, and all looked very good in it. Didn't see Chris wearing it!


Knitman said...

I espeically like Fiona's one(the first one). Lovely colourway and design.

Rosie said...

The jumpers are gorgeous, and the hat looks even nicer being worn (even if by the wrong recipient.