Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ooh! Moo!

I know, everyone's had Moo cards since ages ago, and I'm, as ever, late on the bandwagon; but I ordered some of their new business cards on Sunday night and they came today, and I'm dead pleased with them (and the case they rode in in...).

Do remind me I have them, if I see you, please? You'll see I confined myself to only one cat picture. Weirdly there are only two pictures of actual knitting in the batch, although all but one are fibre-y; and the one which isn't (the lamp-and-squash combo) is actually the top of my dining-room yarn-and-tool chest...

Olympics pieces - still more-or-less on track - need to finish 5 rows of this evening's allocation to make that so; I'll go and do that now. Knitting lace at I Knit is a dead loss - far too much fun to be had.

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