Saturday, August 01, 2009

Folk festival funnies

A day at the folk festival yesterday - fabulous music, much better weather than I'd been fearing, bumped into some old friends and ex-colleagues... and found a completely new band, Genticorum.

The festival is usually good for a laugh too...

Here's the quite wonderful sculpture commission for this year - the devil playing the best tunes... People included for scale...

This year they'd also commissioned someone to do some retro-style cartoons on folkie themes... The world's least likely Superman

and a fab advert for the EFDSS...

May the Morris be with you.

It's also a great time for T-shirts. These two were probably joint runners up:

Yes, that's a heroically bad photo - it seemed so clear in the little window in the camera. The full text says "Give Blood. Play Rugby."

My favourite was one I didn't like to photograph (the text was on the front), but for those without delicate tolerance for swearing, it's here.

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