Saturday, October 28, 2006

Spot the Difference

Photo one: cats at 8:15 am

Photo two: cats at 12:15 pm

They did move, briefly but at some speed, when biscuits were poured into their bowls at about 9.

Tilda is sitting in a washing-up bowl containing random skeins of yarn waiting to be put away. Amelia is lying on the bag containing Icarus and his yarn...

Did a library shift this morning - nice children signing up online for Children in Need information packs, polite and friendly teenagers placing holds, smiling people paying fines without a quibble - it was all rather St Mary Mead (apart, of course, for St. M. M.'s liberal scattering of cadavers).


Rosie said...

Can't believe that those shots were taken four hours apart. But your cats clearly know how to spend a relaxing Saturday. Judiging by the little muddy pawprints, assorted hairs and (ugh!)little flecks of earth and I know-not-what-else, our Jiminey has decided to spend today dancing on my desk and keyboard.

Knitting@number9 said...

Sounds like my two! Both experts in not doing much :))

mehitabel said...

Adorable girls! They do have a tough life, don't they? Mine are very much present and vocal when it's time to eat, and then they disappear to their various comfy spots to snooze away the time till the next feeding. That's why my knitting has to stay in bags, if it's in a basket it will become a cat bed!

E-J said...

My cat never quite "got" cat biscuits, preferring to play football with them around the kitchen floor.

I have way too much bloggery to catch up on.