Monday, October 09, 2006

Dyeing tonight

Another weekend of partial-clearing-up and procrastination... I'm now exactly halfway up the first sleeve of St Brigid, and at the point where one-and-a-half rows of Icarus = one journey to/from Tesco... [They had Billy Madison for £2.84 at Tesco today, and as it has Bradley Whitford content I bought it - I gather this is the nadir of his 'yuppie scum' period though...]

Yarn. I did some dyeing for a project today. And also a skein as part of the Sivia Harding Hanging Garden KAL prize draw, which is what you get here... The recipient, Kim, likes blues and purples and is OK with brights, which is lovely as they're my favourite combination too. It's all likely to be darker than this, Kim; this photo was taken with flash, on wet yarn; but it's currently looking nice hanging over the towel-dryer in the bathroom...

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