Sunday, March 15, 2009

3:15 project update 2

It was lovely and warm while I was actually doing gardening today; unfortunately this didn't last until 3:15 and pictures!
I'm starting to wonder about taking this one every week - maybe I should just do it monthly!

Here's the other view of the side - which has become marginally tidier since last week, due to the drastic haircut of the passion-flower in the pot by the trellis (it was looking a bit motheaten and sorry for itself), and the removal of the two pots containing a rosemary and an acer which had been sitting there for 18 months...

The AoD shot - not much change from last week; as I said then, I filled the green bin with stuff last weekend and although I managed to squeeze another container-full of debris in there this afternoon, there wasn't enough space for Serious Slash-and-Burn.

The main change is in the paving here - which was previously pretty mossed-over.

And those two plants from the side-passage? Planted in the empty pots on the patio.

The Rosemary in front is Mrs Jessop's Upright; the maple behind (which looks dead, but does have leaf-buds on it) is acer pal. diss. Inaba-shidare according to the label on the pot (seemed easier to blog it than to have to remember it later...).

So, what else did I find out in the garden? Well, there was this little heap of self-satisfaction, squeezed into a shred of sunlight between a defunct barbecue and an overgrown box-bush:

And there were Brimstones, two of them, although they weren't going to stop for the camera - unbelievably daffodil-yellow at this time of year, and exotically large; always harbingers of spring. And a huge bumble-bee, out way too early and desperate for nectar... And someone pootling around in the sky in a light aircraft...

And the japonica's in bloom, looking amazingly exotic against the steel-grey sky... London's weather forecast is for 17C tomorrow...


Daisy said...

I love the pic of your, erm, garden helper (who appears to be very hard at work...).

Rosie said...

The Bug looks so much happier this time!