Saturday, October 20, 2007

We have a winner...

The name out of the brown paper lunch sack this morning is...

Sue, let me know if you'd like something already in the shop, or what colours you'd like in a custom dye job!

Thanks to everyone who commented - it was really interesting following links to blogs, too, some of them familiar and some not!

To answer some questions:

I'm very unlikely to make it to Stitch 'n Bitch Day - I'll have done my first week's long-distance commuting just before then, so I imagine I'll be asleep!

Likewise, I don't think I'll get to Harrogate this year... I'm hoping that by Christmas I'll be more used to the new rhythm of life and will feel like doing things; but I'm anticipating being pretty wiped out for the first couple of months!

And also - the bus company finally reunited me with my purse!!! the driver who'd been handed it was then on holiday for a week, so I only got it back on Tuesday... but I'm very glad to see it!

Right. Need to buy something smartish to wear to meet my new boss on Tuesday, and then there's a KTog this afternoon... I'll try and remember to take the camera!


Anne said...

Fab news about the purse - I know you've still had to go through the palaver of cancelling cards etc, but still, reunion with all the other bits and pieces must be good.

Daisy said...

Good luck with starting the longer commuting! Hope it all goes well.