Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas 3

On the basis that Christmas goes on until Epiphany... some pretty gifts from family:
These are little perfume bottles which just looked good in the shell on the bathroom windowsill...
... and these earrings have citrines, amethysts and peridots in them - probably my favourite stones (the tray/beaker came from Venice earlier in the year...)

And some yarny gifts - a heap of assorted eyelash etc. in purple, some of which has already been knitted up into scarves (pics later)... and a tape measure. I loved these tape measures - bought two for friends and so nearly didn't hand the second one over - and then my brother and SIL got me one!

The other knitting-type gift was a set of blocking wires from Heirloom Knitting - here they are in action blocking my Christmas present to myself (yes, the dark shape on the mattress is a cat...)

This is the Forest Canopy shoulder shawl , in Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Alpaca from Woolly Workshop - if I'd just followed the pattern completely, I'd have got it out of one skein, but I had two so carried on for several more repeats. In the end, I cut it a little fine for comfort...

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E-J said...

Nice gifts!

Peridot is my birthstone (and M's, for that matter) and one of my favourites too, since I'm a big fan of most shades of green. If the world were reduced to one colour - well, it would be a pretty sad state of affairs, but in that event, and given the choice of a single hue (ok, so we're not talking realistic scenario here) I'd opt for sap green.

My "Christmas yarn" is in use!!