Friday, November 03, 2006

Welcome to the weekend...

... and it's very welcome indeed.

First, a Finished (and Bloggable) Object! Most of my knitting over the next couple of months will come as a splurge of pictures after Christmas, but here's the Tibet socks finished - I think they're my favourites at the moment. Done on 2.5mm needles over 56sts; the feet are a tiny bit long but they're soooo comfortable. (I also finished one Christmas present and started another...)

Due to a slight and comic misunderstanding, Jan and I ended up within about 50 yards of each other at the BL on Tuesday, for about an hour; which did mean I knitted half the foot of the second sock! When we got inside we had the usual bag-lady experience, swapping over quantities of DVDs, CDs, books, yarn, etc. etc. - and I got an unexpected present - look at these needles!

US size 15 Serendipity needles from Stash. The expressions are really sweet....

... and I love the way they look just slightly apprehensive at being surrounded by the others in the jars in my kitchen...

The other, and original, reason for going to London was to meet my friend/cousin-in-law Kate and go to see the wonderful Show of Hands again; they were all looking very fine (and, thankfully, less blurred in real life, but I wasn't about to start using flash at the Bloomsbury) and played a satisfyingly different set to the last two they did in London.

And I found out that my current favourite song, Fionn Regan's Put a Penny in the Slot, has its official video on YouTube.

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