Thursday, October 20, 2005

17 degrees and clear...

... was what they said on the radio this morning. Bah. Thought bitterly of this as I cycled to the station after work battered by Malteser-sized hail and assailed on all sides by post vans driven by homicidal maniacs. However, the station was dealing with the aftermath of this so I then felt very lucky to catch a train at all...

But some knitting now.

First: a warning. If you're of a delicate constitution you may want to skip the rest. I'm aware that there are many, many people out there with a deep and abiding love of natural fibres for whom this

may cause distress. But I'm loving this sweater so far. This is Elle Mexican Wave. Long, tweedy variegation and wonderful oil-on-water type colours. It came from here, although they haven't got it on their website at the moment.

I started this on Saturday night after Ally Pally, and have finished the back

and started on a sleeve.

I'm intending to try and keep the big cables (the Saxon Braid variation used on Samus in this time's Knitty, if it looks familiar) going through the neckband by carrying straps over the shoulders; but as this is the first sweater I've worked out from scratch, this may be a little ambitious... Not quite from scratch; I'm using this book (thanks, Jan!) and then adapting for the shoulder straps.

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Kate said...

Welcome to blogland! You'll love it, the only drawback being: it can take away from your knitting time. The jumper looks great (though I have to confess to being a bit of a yarn snob) and well done for designing it yourself.