Sunday, November 08, 2015

View from the bus stop

Sometimes it's easy to get blasé about working in central London.  Recently, I've been doing a mystery knitalong which is shaping up very nicely


and as it's London-themed, I've been taking the odd photo here and there to get people into the mood. Last month, I was waiting for a bus to take me to book group, and realised that my new bus stop (we moved offices in August) isn't at all in a bad location.


From left, the London Eye, the Elizabeth Tower/Big Ben; St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey, Church House and the Business, Innovation and Skills Department...

Not bad, really!


Mary deB said...

That's a very nice bus stop. And sparkly knitting!

Robynn Weldon said...

I do miss working in London! Don't actually miss a lot else about London, but it was exciting just *being there*.

That MKAL is looking rather fabulous, what is it?