Monday, November 09, 2015

A little touch of Harry in the night

Just spent the evening at an excellent performance of Henry V at the Barbican. Had the pleasure of the company of Nic AKA Yarns from the Plain.

Has to be said, I wasn't totally convinced by Alex Hassell's Henry during the first half - he was edgier, less authoritative than I'd seen the part played before - but he showed Henry as a man who'd grown out of his wild days but was still very much a work in progress, and it worked extremely well.  The other absolutely stand-out performance was from Oliver Ford Davies as the Chorus, appearing in his cardi and cords to apologise for the inadequacy of the play.

If you can get tickets,  go.

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Sadie said...

Hassell is continuing the role from last year's Henry IV double, and I think Doran was very much going for a continuous arc of character development from the wastrel Hal of the Eastcheap days to the victor at Agincourt; that worked particularly well for those of us who'd seen all three.

Oliver Ford Davies was terrific!