Wednesday, November 05, 2014

NaBloPoMo day 5: London compensations

I grumble a lot about the commute down to London.  I like to think I have justification for that - paying nearly 20% of my salary for a lousy service is less than fun.  But working in London can have its compensations.

Like the view from this meeting in April - took me so long to work out how to get the photo off my camera, which was only a week old at the time, that I never posted it.  We were in the Financial Times building next to Southwark Bridge.

View from the meeting room this morning, part 1

Here's the other half of the view, with added St Paul's and window reflection.

View from the meeting room this morning, part 1

Today I went to City University's campus near Angel for the first time; and managed to forget any means of taking photos.  Including my mobile.  Given that the meeting was called Knowledge Organisation Goes Mobile, the irony was not lost on me.  The first chance I've had for Tweeting smugly about a meeting I was in, and I blew it.  And many of the lovely apps we were shown only work for iPhone too...  But it's a lovely set of buildings, and a nice walk down from Angel.  And my (very tasty, if strangely "fusion") food took too long to arrive at lunchtime, so the pub gave me a full (completely unasked-for) refund!

On the way home, caught the end of the new monthly artisan food market at King's Cross; picked up turkey pierogi, spicy kabanos, chicken bistilla (tonight's dinner and very delicious) and a Monmouthshire veal, lemon and thyme dried sausage, and headed for the train.  Which was, just for a change, on time...  Good day.

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Daisy said...

Your post reminded me that there are things I do miss about living and/or working in central London. Not many, it's true (the cost of commuting being one of them) though!