Monday, November 10, 2014

NaBloPoMo day 10: Tangled web

The observant will notice that Day 9 is missing.  I have no idea how I failed on Day 9; I was at home all day, and after a small amount of emergency fact-checking in the morning, it was all quite relaxing...  And somehow, I just forgot.  So weird.

But I was never interested in the whole prize-winning thing anyway; so I'm just going to dust myself off...

Anyway; the title of this tells you it's about weaving... Here's a representative heap of this year's weaving; scarves, mainly.


When I got my loom for Christmas in 2011, I thought I'd be sick of plain weave after a few months, and heading off for more complicated stuff.  Which I now realise is the equivalent of saying "oh, that garter stitch, I'm way past that"...  In the same way as spinning ("look! I've turned this bundle of fibres into useable yarn!") and knitting ("look! I've turned this continuous thread into something I can wear!") are miraculous, weaving of any sort is too.  I love the way you can plan part of it (you can't wing a warp - it's there and it'll shape your project) but then do a bit of improvisation once you've started...

I've started corrupting others.  Here's Kat. She came over for lunch and weaving, and managed to confect about 60% of the red scarf in the pile above in the course of the day. (She's pretty much omnicompetent though - don't be scared if it takes you longer)...


And also, as it's Happy Berlin Wall Destruction Week, have a video.

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