Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wordsearch results and winners

So - here are the Wordsearch answers.  Thankyou so much to all the people who entered!

The fibres were
  • acrylic
  • alpaca
  • angora
  • bamboo
  • bison
  • camel
  • cashmere
  • cotton
  • hemp
  • linen
  • llama
  • mohair
  • nylon
  • rayon
  • silk
  • soy
  • tencel
  • wool
3 people got 18 answers, which was the target.  (I'd be really interested to find out what the other fibre-related words people found were!)  All 3 shall have prizes.  I was going to ask for lists, etc., but that just sounded overly suspicious for something which is, after all, a bit of fun.

I pulled names from a hat (well, actually, a yarn bowl) and pigwotflies was the winner of the sock yarn!  Bekki, I'll be in touch via Ravelry.  As I will with Stitched-together and dawn9163 - you've both won a set of stitch-markers, so I'll PM you to get an address... 


Tink Edwards said...

aah, silk and camel were the ones I didn't spot!

Pigwotflies said...

Ooh yay! Thanks.

Alison said...

Congrats, Bekki! As for me, llama, linen and bison were my downfalls...

I know I spotted a bunch of other words as I went along - not necessarily fibre related - but I didn't write them down, so now I can't remember.

Apart from mango. Mmmm.... mango....

Kathleen C. said...

Oops! I forgot to do diagonals! (head slap) I guess it's been too long.
Congrats to the sharp eyed winner!
Oh, and I remember at least one other word find... fourth row down on the left, "baas"; related because it's the sound sheep make when being sheared of all the lovely fluffy fleece.

Anonymous said...

I also found ply which is yarn related and mango and melba (as in peach) which are nice things to eat!