Sunday, May 27, 2012

POTW: 27 May 2012

It's been summer for the last few days! Definitely a favourite.

Well, there's been some sock-knitting, but that's really boring in progress.  I am, however, test-knitting a Hat for one friend using yarn from another.  This doesn't reflect the real colour balance of the yarn, but here it is in progress.  With any luck I'll be able to tell you exactly what this is soonish!

Picture 042

I finished the yarn I was making last week...  Love it.  176 grammes; 245 metres.

Picture 036

Picture 037

I've started spinning up some Colinette stuff...

I made a thing!  Actually, I finished it a couple of weeks ago, but I made it for Jackie's 50th.  And ridiculously, I didn't manage to photograph it in all the time between finishing it and handing it over; but here's an idea; this is what it looked like in the weaving...  Jackie seemed to love it, anyway!

Picture 278

It's been a really sociable week.  I've had a work party, had a lovely time at apr├Ęs-civil-partnership drinks on Friday night,


and a relaxing and friendly 50th birthday party where I handed over the stole pictured above...

Media etc.
The Bridge - wow.  I didn't expect that particular ending at all.  I'm almost disappointed that I already knew there was a second series before the final episode started.

I have been loving this advert.  Regardless of your attitude to the monarchy, this is a great campaign.
Picture 043

I voted for Moldova.

Honestly, how couldn't I - Improbable Trousers always get double points and it was a cheery enough song.  I couldn't believe that the UK, as a man/woman, voted for Jedward.  Please - people - get a grip! The Swedish song which won was actually pretty good.  The Spanish singer was superb - but I'm glad Eurovision didn't finally extinguish the flame of their economy...  I was wandering over to Eurovision TV on the PC in between listening to Radio 2, which was about 30 seconds ahead.  Ken Bruce has obviously been taking sarcasm lessons from Terry Wogan... "So, no points from Malta.... can we have our George Cross back?"  As ever, we got next to nul points for reasons which had very little to do with the quality of our song or performance; but that's pretty predictable...

There's been cricket all weekend.  It's been lovely.  (It's even been good cricket)...  We've had the beautiful voices of Viv Richards (60 this week) and Tony Cozier from the tourists, we've had a cheery Michael Vaughan, we've had Tuffers, and best of all Geoffrey Boycott knocked off early to go to his wife's 60th birthday party.  And Blowers and Aggers.  And it's been summer.  God's in his heaven, and all that.

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Jackier said...


The stole is beautiful and I am going to find reasons to wear it.

Thanks for such a fantastic gift.