Saturday, January 02, 2010

BEST laid plans

I don't tend to make big New Year resolutions. Usually, January and February are just months to be endured rather than enjoyed, and putting any extra pressure on myself seems a bit silly.

I do have some things I'd like to do this year
  • I'd like to keep the garden under control, and plant some more things in it rather than just hacking back. (Having said that, after the couple of weeks we've just had, I'm glad I didn't plant anything which needs much care this year - it was all under several inches of snow for over a week...)
  • I'd like to tame the back bedroom which is the pit of hell. It's so bad that I won't be posting "before" pictures (although I will be taking them) until there are at least "during" pictures to show!
  • I'd like to knit something steeked - this was also on my mental list last year (along with knitting something from the top down, which I achieved with the February Lady Sweater in January). I got as far as taking an Alice Starmore class at the I Knit Weekender and seeing how it's done; and found a very lovely pattern. However, I'm also intending to continue losing weight, and making a cardi in 4-ply which can't be unravelled once steeked doesn't seem very sensible until that's done. Sometime later in the year, maybe; meanwhile I've seen some nice patterns for cushions and rugs which are steeked.
  • I'd like to finish St Brigid - I only have the front to go, and she's been in my WIP pile longer than I've had this blog!
  • I'd like to knit from my stash more. This is rather difficult with both the wonderful I Knit on my doorstep at work, and rumours of a lovely new yarn shop in Ely. However, I've just shelled out for classes and accommodation for UK Knit Camp in August, and will want to go to the I Knit Weekender in September (10th and 11th, I believe). So I'm not promising anything because that would just be foolish.

So, nothing dramatic - I rather like my life at the moment and have no desire for radical change.

Being able to get into the back bedroom without a block and tackle would be good, though...

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