Sunday, July 06, 2008

Little pink houses

With apologies to John Mellencamp (the video's up on YouTube and the lyrics, unlike the clothes and dancing, just don't seem to date, and I can't believe it's 25 years since I first heard that one on Paul Gambaccini's show...) ; but small-but-interesting structures have been a feature of this week.

On Thursday I had an all-day training course on Millbank; and finally had a good look at this amazing monument. Look, a shiny thing!

Here it is in context, with the Victoria Tower of the Houses of Parliament in the background. The combination of pastels, geometrics and gilding have always made me think it must be a present from another country.
But apparently not. And even more interesting for that.

And then today, in complete contrast, I went to Hove to visit Jan. We had assumed the weather would be foul - I appear to be the Harbinger of Evil Weather, the Rain Faerie, whatever; usually it's brilliant the day before and the day after, and disgusting on the day I actually visit. In five visits, we had managed to walk along the beach... once.

This time it was forecast to be foul. The weather which rose up to greet me as I approached London was vile - thrashing rain, dark skies, the lot. But lo. A small selection of the beach huts of Hove.

Note blue skies. Also very pretty beach huts... Also delusions of grandeur for little pink houses. Which is as it should be...

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