Monday, June 18, 2007

Now with knitting content!

I started a new thing - little baby sweater for a colleague's baby, Bethany. To both parents' surprise, this one's a girl; so I thought laciness and pinkness might be in order... It's a feather-and-fan type pattern over a 12 stitch repeat (I'm never sure whether f-and-f has to be over a certain no. of stitches or rows, or whether you need to K2tog all the way along rather than doing half of the decreases as SSK for it to count) , using measurements from the unfailingly good Tadpoles and Tiddlers (I'm not generally a Rowan groupie, but if you buy one pattern book when friends start having children, this really is the one... Looking at my scribblings in the front, this is the 30th jumper I've knitted from this book, whether it's just taking the measurements, just taking a motif or knitting the whole thing as written. Looking at the Rowan site they're doing a special offer, which generally means that's the end of the stock. Most of the yarns are now discontinued, but they're standard DKs, 4plys and arans. OK, enough of an advertisement.)
Yarn for this one is some Meilenweit cotton/wool blend which Jan didn't get on with; in the background, a thankyou note from Lorna for the green jumper with the flower on it - they always send thankyous, and I always keep them...

A couple of photos from last week: my sister-in-law Hazel and brother Dom on the bridge at St John's college during our wander around Cambridge last Monday afternoon;
and St John's Street in Bury St Edmunds last Wednesday lunchtime. We were stunningly lucky with the weather all three days.

And to top and tail this post with knitting; The Unbloggable Project Has Left The Needles.

It's now been replaced by... another Unbloggable Project. It's going to be one of those years...

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