Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just for a change

Some knitting! in progress!

I've finished one of the Secret Projects and nearly finished another... Meanwhile, those Mason-Dixon ladies really weren't kidding when they said the baby kimono was a quick knit. Just over an hour's worth of knitting after casting on, I was making the back neckline... (The flower is meant to be a distraction from the mess on the table. I know, it doesn't work; but I try, and it's pretty...)

I actually took my camera to the KTog yesterday, too. Photos are on the Knit Cambridge blog here. After KTog EJ and I went out for a drink, and then Sue and I saw Fracture, which was unexpectedly excellent; highly recommended as a classy, classic psychological/legal thriller if that's what you like, and we do... Rounded off the evening with an early birthday dinner at CB2 (thanks, Sue!).

Tonight, friends coming over for dinner. Better go and try to remember where I put the kitchen, then...


E-J said...

Quick knit my arm. I started and re-started that kimono a ridiculous number of times ... M was only about 3 weeks old at the time, though, so I was still somewhat shell-shocked (not to mention half asleep) when attempting it. Yours looks good, though! It's a lovely little design.

Karen E. said...

I did a Mason-Dixon kimono, too, and it worked up quickly. I went the expensive route, using Nashua's Cilantro. I even needed a thrid ball - barely - making what could have been a five dollar item one closer to thirty dollars. It should look great when I finally seam it.