Friday, April 06, 2007

Jitterbugging and gardening

I've found my New Favourite Sock Yarn - Colinette Jitterbug, in this case, the Fruit Coulis colourway (thanks again, Jan!) ... it's spongey, lovely texture, completely unsplitty, gorgeous colours, and a beautiful spiral pooling... And you *can* make a sock with half of it (the slightly smaller half, according to my scale...) which sort of defies belief given the stated yardage... I haven't yet knitted with Koigu; but I've made socks with Celestial Merino and Fleece Artist merino; and this is even nicer... It's 100% wool so might still felt on my feet, but the knitting experience is so nice I almost don't care...

First Jitterbug sock (part according to the pattern on the ball-band, part altered by 3 x 1 rib and short row heel), seriously-out-of-control flowering currant (to be left untamed until it stops making my heart glad with its flowers), and beautiful Good Friday Sky.

Have been cutting down rampant shrubs all morning in one of my random and infrequent moments of garden enthusiasm, combined with some superb Easter weather. The guy next door is a nice, friendly, bin-taking-out-and-bringing-in neighbour, but Not A Gardener (not claiming any form of competence for myself, but I at least like the idea of growing things...), and a previous lot of neighbours, who employed a gardening service once a month or so, planted a variety of rather nice but totally overachieving climbers along the dividing fence, many of the more fragile of which have now died and left their skellingtons for the more voracious and unattractive to scale... Trying to disentangle myself from all the dead whitery as I hauled it up towards the recycling bin reminded me of the 1963 film of Jason and the Argonauts they used to play most Easters, with the sword-wielding undead warriors... That's probably just me, though.

I've now filled my green wheelie-bin with the remnants - I suspect I could incinerate the Very Dead Stuff of the next plant down using the barbecue, given the clearness of the sky and lack of visible doing-of-laundry by my neighbours... but the next step is really the Buddleia That Came From Elsewhere... (And quite possibly, my filling the guy next door's green bin with his own dead creepers...)


Wibbo said...

Oooh, nice sock! And nice flowering currant; they do rather go for broke at this time of year, don't they?

E-J said...

I love Jason & the Argonauts. It's one of those films I'll watch every single time it's shown on tv (which is a LOT). The skeleton army are somehow scary and cute simultaneously.

Love your blossoming Jitterbug tree!

Sheila said...

I love that color! I have to find some Jitterbug. I have knit socks with Loigu and it knits up beautifully.