Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Festival revisited

This is a general view of the site across from the Radio 2 Tent to the merchandise stalls and the beer tent - gives a good idea of the good-natured, organised chaos of the event.

John Tams and Barry Coope were wonderful on both Saturday and Sunday - strong songs about the decline of traditional industries interspersed with incredibly dry Derbyshire wit. I can't really replicate the delivery, but they need to be seen.

Likewise Rosie Doonan and Ben Murray - their CD Mill Lane is great too - this was a very laid-back set, with Rosie's guitar going out of tune in the heat and being retuned by a member of the audience. Dry Geordie wit, this time.

On the US front, Tift Merritt played an excellent set; the all-American-tennis-player good looks were slightly disconcerting, as was her verbal resemblance to Ainsley Hayes... but she can't half sing.

This was my merchandising-type treat from the festival;

wasn't aware this set was available. 4 CDs with 17 tracks on each and a very nice accompanying booklet ... Something to save for the darker evenings when Tabor's chocolatey voice might make winter seem a little more attractive. A particular highlight of the booklet is the photo of her on University Challenge (for St Hugh's, Oxford) in 1968.

By the way, the item at the top left of this last photo is a sofa-button. Just clarifying...

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