Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 books

Having completely failed to do any reviews this year, I'm just going to list 2018's books here and hope to do better next year!  At least I'll have a record of what I read over the year... 70 of them. Not great; not terrible. I listened to an awful lot of podcasts this year.

It seems I've read an awful lot on the Kindle and listened primarily to stuff on Audible (including a massive Harry Potter re-listen over Christmas and New Year which isn't listed here); this has not, predictably, done a lot for my tendency to continue to collect books. Next year's plan is to read many more paper books and try to make a dent in the heaps... And then get rid of them out of the house. The sheer number of unread books is probably why I retreated to the Kindle...

In true librarian fashion; by alphabetical order of author...

Aaronovitch, Ben: Lies sleeping [audiobook]. Read by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. Audible edition.

Baker, Rob: Beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics: a sideways look at twentieth-century London. London: Amberley Publishing, 2015.

Baxter, Stephen: The massacre of mankind: sequel to War of the worlds. London: Gollancz, 2017.

Blumenthal, Daniel: Alsace-Lorraine: a study of the relations of the two provinces to France and to Germany and a presentation of the just claims of their people. Kindle edition (originally published 1917).

Bolton, Sharon: The craftsman [audiobook]. Read by Nathalie Buscombe. Audible edition.

Castillo, Linda: Her last breath [audiobook]. Read by Kathleen McInerny. Audible edition.

Child, Lee: The midnight line [audiobook]. Read by Jeff Harding. Audible edition.

Child, Lee: Night school [audiobook]. Read by Jeff Harding. Audible edition.

Child, Lee: Past tense [audiobook]. Read by Jeff Harding. Audible edition.

Clarke, Stephen: Paris revealed: the secret life of a city. Kindle edition.

Cleeves, Ann: A day in the death of Dorothea Cassidy. Kindle edition.

Cleeves, Ann: The seagull [audiobook]. Read by Janine Birkitt. Audible edition.

Cleeves, Ann: Wild fire [audiobook]. Read by Kenny Blyth. Audible edition.

Deaver, Jeffery: The cutting edge [audiobook]. Read by Jeff Harding. Audible edition.

Doerr, Anthony: All the light we cannot see. Kindle edition.

Douglas, John and Mark Olshaker: Law and disorder. Kindle edition.

Elkin, Lauren: Flâneuse: women walk the city in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London. London: Chatto and Windus, 2016.

Francis, Felix: Pulse [audiobook]. Read by Claire Corbett. Audible edition.

Francis, Felix: Crisis [audiobook]. Read by Martin Jarvis. Audible edition.

Galbraith, Robert: Lethal white [audiobook]. Read by Robert Glenister. Audible edition.

Garrett, Brandon: Convicting the innocent. Kindle edition.

Grey, Isabelle: Good girls don't die. Kindle edition.

Grey, Isabelle: Shot through the heart. Kindle edition.

Grey, Isabelle: The special girls. Kindle edition.

Grey, Isabelle: Wrong way home. Kindle edition.

Griffiths, Elly: The chalk pit [audiobook]. Read by Jane McDowell. Audible edition.

Griffiths, Elly: The dark angel [audiobook]. Read by Jane McDowell. Audible edition.

Hamilton, Alexander: The federalist papers. Kindle edition.

Harper, Jane: Force of nature. Kindle edition.

Harper, Karen: Shattered secrets. Kindle edition.

Hethrington, Percy: A day's tour: a journey through France and Belgium by Calais, Tournay, Orchies, Douai, Arras, Béthune, Lille, Comines, Ypres, Hazebrouck, Bergues and St Omer. With a few sketches. Kindle edition (originally published 1887).

Higashida, Naoki: The reason I jump: one boy's voice from the silence of autism. Introduced by David Mitchell. Translated by KA Yoshida and David Mitchell. London: Sceptre, 2014.

Hill, Victor: Wohlzheim: a tale of love in the Devil's half century. Kindle edition.

Izner, Claude: The Père-Lachaise mystery. Kindle edition.

James, Peter: Perfect people. Kindle edition.

Kelly, Jim: The great darkness. London: Allison and Busby, 2018.

King, Laurie R.: Island of the mad. Kindle edition.

King, Laurie R.: Mary Russell's war. Kindle edition.

McDermid, Val: Broken ground [audiobook]. Read by Cathleen McCarron. Audible edition.

McDermid, Val: Insidious intent [audiobook]. Read by Saul Reichlin. Audible edition.

McGregor, Jon: Reservoir 13. London: 4th Estate, 2018.

Macrae, Graeme: The disappearance of Adèle Bedeau. Kindle edition.

Macrae, Graeme: His bloody project: documents relating to the case of Roderick Macrae. Kindle edition.

McNamara, Michelle: I'll be gone in the dark: one woman's obsessive search for the Golden State Killer. Kindle edition.

Mancini, Ruth: In the blood. Kindle edition.

Mangan, Lucy: Bookworm: a memoir of childhood reading [audiobook]. Read by the author. Audible edition.

May, Peter: I'll keep you safe [audiobook]. Read by Anna Murray and Peter Forbes. Audible edition.

Mina, Denise: Garnethill. Kindle edition.

Noah, Trevor: Born a crime: stories from a South African childhood. Kindle edition.

Norwich, John Julius: France: a short history [audiobook]. Read by the author. Audible edition.

Raluca, Boangiu: Montpellier en 100 dates. Kindle edition.

Rayner, Jay: The ten (food) commandments. London: Penguin, 2016.

Robertson, Deborah: Declutter: the get-real guide to creating calm from chaos. Kindle edition.

Ross, LJ: Angel. Kindle edition.

Ross, LJ: Cragside. Kindle edition.

Ross, LJ: Dark skies. Kindle edition.

Ross, LJ: Heavenfield. Kindle edition.

Ross, LJ: The hermitage. Kindle edition.

Ross, LJ: High Force. Kindle edition.

Ross, LJ: Holy Island. Kindle edition.

Ross, LJ: Seven bridges. Kindle edition.

Ross, LJ: Sycamore Gap. Kindle edition.

Rutherfurd, Edward: Paris. Kindle edition.

Shaw, William: Salt Lane [audiobook]. Read by Jasmine Blackborow. Audible edition.

Stembridge, Gerard: What she saw: a novel. New York: HarperPerennial, 2017.

Symon, Vanda: Overkill. Kindle edition.

Upson, Nicola: Nine lessons [audiobook]. Read by Sandra Duncan. Audible edition.

Ward, Sarah: A deadly thaw [audiobook]. Read by Julia Anthony. Audible edition.

Ward, Sarah: A patient fury. London: Faber, 2017.

Ward, Sarah: The shrouded path. Kindle edition.

Wells, HG: The war of the worlds. Kindle edition.


Liz said...

As ever your reading lists have made my Amazon wish list a bit longer.

It's always good to see a new post from you, but don't ever feel you should blog - you are doing us a favour after all.

Happy new year. Enjoy those piles of books.

Square Mary said...

I seem to have read only 45 books. And half a dozen were by Ian Rankin, most of which I'd read before! Time to start a new list!

Carole (Damsoncrumble) said...

Glad to see you blogging again.
To my shame I only managed 38 books last year, less time on Ravelry in 2019, more reading!