Sunday, February 03, 2013


I was intending to do one post a week when I started this - thankfully, I never said that, as it turns out this is the 4th post and we're 5 weeks into the year.

Happy Candlemas, everyone.

So - I crocheted (!) and I steeked.  (And did both at knitting group on Saturday.  People were very kind and let me wave the thing in their general direction, rather a lot.)

For those people who know me, the crochet was the scarier bit.  Every time I pick up a hook, it's a foreign object, and I take to it like a duck takes to football.  But I know I can do the double-crochet method Kate Davies favours, because I did it on a sample in a class with Jared Flood in 2010, and it worked this time.  Taking the scissors to the knitting after that was pretty easy.

Here's the front:


And because all the knitters here will want to see it, here's the back:


(I'll run that extra-long float in!)

And here's both, with a bit of the reinforcement thrown in.


I'm quite chuffed.

It's been a lovely week for meeting knitters I haven't seen for ages, too.  On Tuesday, Lixie and I met and went to the Murder in the Library exhibition at the BL, which is an A-Z history of crime fiction.


If you have half an hour to spare and you're in the King's Cross area, this is a wonderful way of spending time.  (We spent longer, but then we hadn't seen each other for 2-3 years and both review this sort of book quite a lot.) We both came out with a short reading list of unknown authors, and shared some we both enjoyed.

On Thursday, Knitdaisies  came to stay overnight before a conference in Cambridge on the Friday, and we stayed up way too late and ate souffl├ęs and spelt risotto and giggled a lot.

And then on Saturday after knitting I bumped into SusieH and her family in the waiting room at Cambridge station, and had to haul out the new steek to show her...  I haven't forgotten we need to get together soon!


Mary deB said...

I had to remind myself that this is a blanket.... Oh, gawd, she's forgotten sleeves!
It is lovely! Sheepies, and nice brown colours!

SusieH said...

running into you was the icing in my cake Saturday! I am so glad you've mentioned the Mystery exhibit. I saw the a Science Fiction one serendipitously a couple of years ago and am planning to see this one when I go into London on Weds. Meshes really well with all the old Josephine Tey mysteries I have been reading the last couple of weeks. I introduced my son to them and he's been devouring them, too!

Wibbo said...

It looks great! Congrats on the crocheting, btw ;o)

jackier said...

It looks great! And was lovely to see "in person".

Daisy said...

It was so lovely spending time with you and catching up - lovely food and wow knitting as well!