Sunday, January 06, 2013


Nearly a week's worth of the New Year gone, and the Christmas decorations have come down, with regret as ever.  Tiny Clanger has gone back to the small felted coracle on top of the bookcase she usually shares with her male Clanger companion, and I'm clearing the top of the dining table in preparation for warping up the loom again.

But I have a New Year's Project, the Rams and Yowes Blanket by Kate Davies; the kit was a Christmas present from my parents.  It's knitting up surprisingly quickly so far! There are some long floats (12 st) there, but I think I've kept the tension pretty straight up to now, and the central section has less solid patterning...


I'm counting the posts for this project in (one of the many versions of) traditional shepherd's count style....

Yan, Tan, Tethera, Methera, Mumph, Hither, Lither, Auver, Dauver, Dic, Yahndic, Tayndic, Tetherdic, Metherdic, Mumphit, Yahn a mumphit, Tayn a mumphit, Tethera mumphit, Methera mumphit, Jiggit.


Anonymous said...

At this rate you won't need 20 posts to finish it!
Love the colours!

Anonymous said...


Lucky you, that's a great present :-) and you're flying throught it.

I have been looking at this blanket for months... one day I'll knit it :-) I love Kate Davies' designs

Beaker Button said...

It's on my to do list. I'm attempting to spin my own shetland wool for it. Good luck.