Sunday, March 25, 2012

Like clockwork

It's that day - the day the clocks go forward.  Couldn't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned...

I don't hate the cold of winter; as long as my feet are warm and dry, I'm OK.  What I do hate is the lack of light... for the last nearly-six-months, I've left home in the dark and I've got back here in the dark; and more often than not, I haven't been able to leave the building at lunchtime either because there's been a meeting, or something to do over lunch, or whatever... I am so very, very glad for the prospect of light evenings.

I do like clocks though.  This one is about 4" in diameter and made by Impossible Fossils in resin, with clock parts and burned paper dial.  I bought it to put up in the bedroom, but the light from the lamp in the dining-room makes it look so nice it's never made its way up there.


I also have this, made by an Extreme Scroll-Saw Man in California - it took me a year to find a clock I wanted for my 40th birthday (parents gave up and sent me a cheque after several months of dithering) and this was it, found on Etsy and assembled with instructions once it got here (sadly, I can't remember the maker's name...   There are 8 angels on this clock, six of them visible in this photo...


To give you an idea of what the light levels are like in the Fens in "spring", this was what the Green looked like at 10:45am today, just as the fog was clearing:


Yes, we haz European Market!  Not a great one (when I say that the cheese stall was provided by the Brits, and consisted mainly of cheddar and Wensleydale adulterated with various fruits and herbs...) but I got olives, feta, duck sausage and a chocolate confection for a present...

When I came out of the house, the guys on the bread-and-olives stall at far right had obviously pegged me as a soft touch, wondering where they could get hot water for a cup of tea...  but the guy who asked looked so very like an Algerian friend from France years ago...  So I went home and put on the kettle (I did get a good discount on olives and feta cheese a bit later.).  I also had take-away tartiflette for lunch.  And warmed-up same for dinner.  I do hope they come back.  Preferably with a better vendor of cheesy comestibles.

And because posts with song-titles need context: here's the Boomtown Rats in 1978, on ToTP.  Probably one of the worst attempts at the obligatory lip-synch in that period of the history of ToTP, although David Coverdale's rendition of "Here I Go Again", where he can clearly be seen saying "oh, f**k this", is also good.

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Mary deB said...

Oh, that is terrible lip synching! I think Bob Geldof was known for that; I've seen others where he is even less interested in making it work.

Love the wooden clock! Love feta and olives!

And always enjoy your book posts -- I put a hold on that Sworn to Silence.

So, whatcha knittin'?