Friday, February 12, 2010


It's all been quite slow around here at Knitting on the Green. The Seasonal Thing I usually get has been absent for the last couple of years, only to come back and kick me in the head with a vengeance this year. The NHS site says that staying warm is part of it, and that's been all-but-impossible with the temperatures this year, so maybe that's it. Anyway; although I've been here, and knitting (mainly on stealth projects), I haven't been talking about it... or anything else since my spate of invective about the railways in early January!

But the Olympics are here, and with them the Ravelympics.

The idea was originally kicked off by the Yarn Harlot, who is also running her original Olympic challenge again - and if I hadn't become co-captain of the KnitCambridge team and a member of the IKnitLondon team before she announced she was going for it again, I'd absolutely have been doing that one, not least because Franklin will be designing the medals again (see sidebar for the beauty of the 2006 one...)

Three Olympic challenges = too much, given that I'm teaching two classes on February 19th (yes, it's Textiles in Focus time of year again!) and one on March 7th (at White House Arts) - all freeform type stuff, which you can't really stop sampling for...

I'll introduce/re-introduce you to the Olympic projects as we go along... I'm aiming to knit one new project and finish one long-neglected one...


SusieH said...

Awww, I hope you'll be feeling better soon...I'll think of you tomorrow as I take my kids into London via train :)

Go you, on the Olympic knitting. Two teams is very brave. I am doing only the Harlot Olympic challenge, and that's going to be an Argus Shawlette. Not complicated, but given my lack of knitting lately, it's a lot of stitches to complete in 17 days.

Just cast off a 198 Yds of Heaven shawlette in deep purple, and were it not past midnight, I'd be blocking it right now!!

sparkleduck said...

Ook! It's been a dull, glum winter this year, so far. Sending waves of empathy and wishes for glorious sunny days, whatever their temperature.