Sunday, March 23, 2008

The easy bit done...

Sunday, 8:30 pm

The painting's done; and the furniture (barring the rest of the chairs, the spinning-wheel and skein-winder) is back in. And I really, really like the plain coloured walls at the moment. However, the point of losing the stripes was to make more of the stuff on the walls.

The sampler above the fireplace (to be found in detail here - I liked it so much I did it exactly as specified!) will stay. Other non-negotiable pieces are the piece of felt I made at Wingham 5 years ago on their big machine, which will go back where it was at the right of the door.

And this one, which has been languishing in a bag since it came back from an exhibition in Munich two Christmases ago: I spent 190 hours on this for my City and Guilds. That's destined to be the sole occupant of the wooden wall on the left (partly because pieces on that wall seem to hit the ground quite hard and with regular frequency when there are guests...)

Being able to put up this Christmas-present pastel from E-J was also a major reason for the redecoration.

But there are also these:

and a Nicholas Barnham winter-apple-tree which seems impossible to photograph... The painting was certainly the easier bit!

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Rosie said...

Looks as if you're going to get aching arms; but what a glorious art collection, especially the bits by you and e-j.