Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finally festive

Long time, no blog... It's not that no knitting has gone on - some of it I can even show you - but the last couple of weeks have been full of small, hassling events like late trains and failed signals, and lost cameras, and mail containing replacement cameras getting lost en route, and so on... All sorted out now, I hope... The last of the Christmas shopping is done; the last of the Christmas knitting is still to be done - two little hats to go! - but it's under control...

At about 6 last night though, the house still looked as if a bomb had hit it, and was still tinsel-free and without a tree... So I thought whatever... and just put up the decorations in the middle of the mess anyway.

Happy Christmas everyone, from me and Tiny Clanger. She's back on top of the tree, her battery hasn't yet run down so she still shouts in Clanger as required... And this is the first photo with the new camera. At the moment, the memory card hasn't arrived, so won't before I set off North, but Dad has a spare, apparently... Still have wrapping and packing to do, and the Bug has just been borne off for her holiday, swearing all the way; maybe there will be photos of knitting later on; maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Tiny Clanger making another festive appearance!

Gill said...

I was going to say the same! Lovely to see Tiny. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a special hello to Bug too! (hope she's not too upset at being away).