Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mouton-cadeau + Mouton-Cadet = Mouton: Cadet!

I thought I was having a grown-up day. Not entirely grown-up; but we bought furniture, and didn't buy too many pink things, and most of the pink things weren't for us... (and do pink Pyrexes count? I think not...)

BUT then I went to Ely (despite one of Stagecoach's better moments, where the bus driver went straight past me despite my being at the stop, with my hand out, in broad daylight... and the subsequent dash for my bike and to the station...); and although I was meant to be giving presents (and EJ, can you take a photo of Miss M in the jumper when it fits? I've just realised I have no record of it whatsoever), I also received one... After an evening comprising wine, cider, deep-fried goats' cheese with onion marmalade, some very good chips and some extremely bad punning, I introduce Cadet the sheep...

Here, in "across the bonnet" Motor Show pose.

Here in relaxed "I'm glad you asked me that, Jeremy..." mode

And I think this is some sort of homage to Dolores.


Anonymous said...

Ack ! Too cute!
Mrs. R.

Rosie said...

J'adore le mouton. But words fail me (even English words) when it comes to Stagecoach!

Knitman said...

Vry cute. I want one. Is he supposed to look pissed?

Daisy said...

Oh wow, he's wonderful!