Sunday, March 18, 2007

More SkipNorth: Haworth

While everyone was at Wingham on the Sunday, Rosie and I decided to bunk off and see a bit of Haworth. We walked down the hill from the hostel past the Brontë Balti (sadly, it was too early in the morning to see Bramwell propping up the counter waiting for his takeaway),
and back up the hill past the Brontë Weaving Shed
(it was Sunday morning so presumably the family were in church, or beavering away in the back room putting together all those presentation tins of Scottish shortbread). We did like the name of the antique shop...

Last year, we came from Keighley to Haworth on the KWVR, but this year it wasn't half-term, so the steam trains weren't running on the Friday; we remedied this by going on the Sunday instead...

Here's Oakworth station, made famous by The Railway Children, viewed through a gin-and-tonic from the buffet. Very civilised.

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